Saturday, May 9, 2009

What Happened to Jacob

Jacob Einstein

Voice: Hi Jacob

Jacob: Hi, I am a knowledge sim and I am perfectly normal

Voice: you seem to have a strange fascination with bird watching.

Jacob: Watching Birds is normal

Voice: you also seem obsessive about being normal

Jacob: You would be too if your last name was Einstein.

Voice: you’re related to Albert Einstein?

Jacob: Yep or so my mom says but she isn’t normal, me I am perfectly normal.

Jacob: Who are you?

Voice: I am voice.

Jacob: are you normal?

Voice: I am a voice what do you think?

Jacob: oh, I like voices nice to meet you. A nice normal voice.

Jacob: See my nice normal house nothing abnormal here.

Jacob: See I do normal stuff like cleaning the toilet.

Voice: What is that are you doing Jacob?

Jacob: found a telescope knowledge sim remember?

Voice: where did you find it?

Jacob: on the side of the road.

Voice: that doesn’t sound normal for someone to chuck it on the side of the road, does it?

Jacob: must have fallen out of a truck, seems normal to me.

Voice: OK but I would watch it.

Jacob: What could happen with a telescope they are normal…

Voice: What’s that sound????

Voice: Welcome back

Jacob: Who me I didn’t go anywhere?

Voice: How do you feel.

Jacob: Me? Fine, perfectly normal nothing strange going on here, see still as normal as can be. I think you’re the one that is crazy nothing happen here tonight. Nope, no strange lights, no strange sound voices, nope nothing. Maybe you dreamed that I was gone, that’s it a dream, I’m going to bed.

Jacob: See I woke up had a bowl of cereal and am now going to get a skill point in cooking. Nothing strange going one here, Voice you are just trying to make me feel abnormal. But just like yesterday I am perfectly normal.

Voice: how do you feel now?

Jacob: Normal milk must have been bad.

Voice: MMM what is going on now?

Jacob: Me??? I am fine just gaining a little weight.

Voice: while throwing up?

Jacob: Yep that is normal right?

Voice: if you say so.

Voice: Hey what are you doing now?

Jacob: Fishing that is a normal way to spend the day, besides I am hungry and fish sounds good!

Voice: MMM Jacob you are waddling and gaining more weight.

Jacob: Nope not me.

Voice: Yes you are. Do you think this might have something to do with your trip the other day?

Jacob: What trip?? Oh you mean your dream. Nope didn’t go any where.

Jacob: I need lunch, what to have oh fish yep I love fish. Funny I never have before.

Voice: Jacob are you OK??

Jacob: Yep, just belly aches, perfectly normal, I ate bad milk remember?

Voice: that was a few days ago

Voice: Jacob who are they?

Jacob: Oh my niece and nephew they just dropped by.

Voice: Jacob you’re an only child, remember?

Jacob: They are neighbor kids?

Voice: where is their mom?

Jacob: figments of your imagination?

Voice: I am a normal voice, remember?

Jacob: Mine?

Voice: Yep.

Jacob: They are normal right? This one Jericho and his sister is Jetta. Cute and normal, single dad’s are normal.

Voice: OK Jacob you keep telling yourself that.

Voice: Hey Jacob where are you going?

Jacob: I call the Nanny, thought I would go stargaze for awhile?

Voice: Aren’t you worried about another trip?

Jacob: What trip? Oh your dream, nope.

Voice: My dream is playing right there?

Voice: told ya!

Jacob: that was embarrassing, she saw me?

Voice: Who saw you?

Jacob: The Nanny.

Voice: give her big tip she wouldn’t tell anyone.

Jacob: Whew OK

Voice: Good morning Jacob

Jacob: What is good about it?

Voice: You have two babies that love you.

Jacob: they are cute…

Jericho grew up to a toddler.

Voice: I like him.

Jacob: Me too :o)

Jetta grew up cute too! Love the hair!

Jacob: They are smart too

Voice: Yep

Jacob: Perfectly normal toddlers. See all is good.

Jacob: Here we go again!!! OUCH!!!!

Jacob: Meet Zander he has my eyes.

Jacob: Do you like the new room I did for my kids?

Voice: Yes I do

Jacob: 3 perfectly normal kids living a normal life in a normal little room. I like normal.

Voice: I know Jacob

Jacob: They grow up so fast.

Voice: Jacob what are you thinking?

Jacob: About my Telescope.

Voice: Bye Jacob.

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  1. *Dies laughing* Very normal right Jacob? That's so great.