Saturday, May 9, 2009

Poor Jacob or Is this Normal

Jetta grows up while daddy is gone

Jericho grows up

Jericho likes the space craft. Nanny goes back to work.

Jacob: Don’t forget I get the aspiration points!!

Voice: I wouldn’t, but maybe you should get some sleep.

Jacob: Where have you been voice?

Voice: Why what did I miss?

Jacob: Zander grew up!

Voice: Aww he's cute, sorry I missed that.

Voice: Jericho and Jetta grew up to, I missed a lot while I was making my grill cheese.

Jacob: See Jericho is a nice normal big brother.

Voice: yes he is. Where is Jetta?

Jacob: She is out with her tree.

Voice: Her tree?

Jacob: She like the apple tree in the front yard.

Voice: That is cool.

Jacob: You don't think that is abnormal to like a tree?

Voice: No silly I like trees.

Jacob: Are you normal?

Voice: you have said I am.

Jacob: Oh ok

Jacob: Oops excuse me.

Voice: that is OK Jacob.

Voice: Welcome to the world Zenith

Jacob: She has my eyes too.

Voice: Jacob who is that?

Jacob: This is Zerita

Voice: where did she come from?

Jacob: She cam while you were having dinner?

Voice: I wasn't gone that long.

Jacob: Oh come on! I wanted to skip the telescope, Nanny, Kids thing.

Voice: OK just this once.

Jacob: Nope I will break your camera so you can't take anymore pictures unless you say OK.

Voice: But Jacob I love the kids reactions to you falling on your hinny.

Voice: I promise that is the last one.

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