Monday, May 11, 2009

A family grows up!

Voice: Jericho and Jetta grew up well! Good job Jacob

Jacob: They are good kids too. They love to play with their brother and sisters.

Jacob: They always do their homework and have study dates with their younger siblings so that they do well in school too.

Voice: Did Zander grow up while you were gone?

Jacob: Yep and see there is Jericho and Jetta helping out. Great Kids!

Jacob: They also watch the kids when I visit with my telescope. See a nice normal family!

Jacob: See Zander is a great big brother too. He loves to cuddle with Zertia. She has my eyes, but no hair. Hey Zandar take Zerita to the mirror and give her hair please.

Voice: Jacob where are you going.

Jacob: Oh I have an appointment.

Voice: Oh a job interview?

Jacob: No ummmm with my telescope!

Jacob: Zerita grew up well.

Voice: I see that, so now you have 3 teens 2 Kids and a baby??? Why didn't I know you had another baby?

Jacob: because you would have taken a picture so I didn't tell you. I am tired of your camera...

Voice: Now don't get grumpy Jacob, What is your baby's name.

Jacob: That is Venus.

Voice: Oops make that 7. Jacob why aren't you wearing your normal maternity clothes?

Jacob I don't know, don't you know voice?

Voice: Nope must be a glitch

Jacob: Are glitches normal?

Voice: in the sims they are.

Jacob: Oh good, see still normal.

Voice: Jacob where are you?

Jacob: outside?

Voice: What are you doing?

Jacob: Me nothing, surely not looking through my telescope.

Voice: Jacob while your not looking through your telescope, tell me about Venus?

Jacob: Venus, she is cute isn't she? She should grow up today.

Voice: Yes she is. So are you still looking through your teleschope:

Jacob: Yeeeep, byeeeeee.

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