Monday, May 11, 2009

Off to College

Voice: Jacob why is Venus glowing?

Jacob: I used smart milk. See how smart she is

Voice: Yes but now I need to go read the rules to make sure you can use it! Whew we are Ok it is in there that you can.

Jacob: Rules???

Voice: Never mind.

Voice: Hey Jacob you had another baby!! Who is that?

Jacob: This is Vashie

Voice: when did you change Venus' hair?

Jacob: I did it today I didn't like the plain hair that Zander chose. So I took her to the hair salon today for a Daddy and daughter day.
I knew that once Vashie was born I wouldn't have time.

Voice: looks like she and Zerita get a long well.

Voice: Happy Birthday Venus!!

Venus: Who are you:

Voice: I am Voice. You can hear me?

Venus: Yeeess can't everyone??

Voice: Nope just your daddy and now you.

Venus: I like you.

Voice: so does your daddy.

Voice: Zenith grew up well too.

Venus: Yep.

Zenith: Venus who are you talking to?

Venus: Just my friend Voice.

Zenith: who is voice you silly girl, a voice in your head Haa Haa

Jetta: Zenith leave Venus alone dad hears Voice too.

Venus: I like Jetta better. She is nicer.

Voice: Yes Jetta is nice. But I think that Zenith could be nice too. Especially if you are nice to her.

Venus: Nope, Zenith is to full of her self.

Voice: She is a little vain, But she grows on you.

Venus: Maybe you, but not me!

Voice: You seem a little grumpy today Venus why?

Venus: Jericho and Jetta are leaving today, they are going to college to get an education daddy says, but I know I am just going to miss them. Who is going to make Zenith be nice to me with Jetta gone??

Voice: I am sure she will get nicer as she grows up, and you can always write and call Jetta at school and she will be able to visit too. You will be fine Venus I am sure.

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